Monday, April 2, 2012

Some people want a new car, I just want to go to the club.

First off, holy moly! Thank you to all of you who read my first blog, I really was not expecting that, so, thank you  :) Knowing people read what I write gives me confidence to write more and more.

Remember how I learned about balance in the last post? I am also learning about intentions. I think I learn better with one word concepts because it sticks better in my head (because you see, my mind is jumbled with so many important things).

The best example of this comes to me going to a club and dancing like a fool.
I really want to go to a club and be reckless. But a controlled reckless.
I want to be able to have a good time without being date raped.

My thought process is this: Okay, so going to a club is something people my age do but it's bad. Why is it bad? I have no idea, self. Okay, well, what does God think about going to the club? I have no idea. *Then insert my just getting angry and confused*

I talked it over with a fried of mine and he said to me this:
"Going to the club is okay if you have the right intentions (HEY LOOK IT'S AN IMPORTANT WORD). If you go intending to get drunk and have sex with a random guy, then maybe you should just say stay home. But, if you go with the intention to have fun with friends and maybe dance with a guy, then it's okay."

With this new nugget of knowledge, I talked it over with my pastor. With him I brought up the type of clothing that is worn to the club, in which we talked about modesty and again intentions. I forgot exactly everything he said in essence he said that if I were to go dressing immodest and having bad intentions, I'm just asking for it. But, keeping in mind that guys react to certain types of dress is important and I have to respect that by having the right intentions in what I wear.

Thus, my decision is that I do plan to go to the club with friends of the lady variety and dance like a fool. But have intentions in how I act and what I wear. <---I'm sure I'm forgetting something things on that list.

This new concept of intentions, I do pray, will be something I use for many other things in my life such as traveling, getting married (I will talk about this later), where to live, and a lot of other life choices that I know will be coming up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my life.
-Angie <3

If you're wondering, yes, the outfit I bought for the club is super cute and the girls at Plato's Closet approved :)

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  1. You have no idea how many times intentions and how important they are have come up in my life lately. Im glad other people are discovering this too! Also this is awesome, Keep it up.