Sunday, April 22, 2012

Less judging and more loving? Gettin' it.

I don't know why it is but simple minded people really frustrate me. I have a couple of ideas like simple minded people are immature, aren't able to have a meaningful conversation, and they act like children.

The reason why this is something that is bothering me is because I am kind of apart of this group in college where the leaders are childish. And ya, that's really the best way I can describe both the leaders. Now, I know I'll get backlash for calling people out on the internet and not talking to them to their face and everything else, but I'm doing this this way because I want to know how I should handle this.

This bothers me because they are leaders. I really cannot look up to these people because of how similar they are to me (if that makes any sense) and I don't like feeling I have to be the adult for the group. And also, I think that it just distracting for the other people in the group.

Another example of this is my friends' mom and dad. Again, just childish, not able to have a meaningful conversation, and the like; and it's really hard for me to respect them. On the other hand, I haven't interacted with them in quite a while. 

And I'm trying to figure out where it comes from geographically but I really don't think that's fair. Then I think about ADD/ADHD but again, that doesn't seem very good either. 

I think this is one of those situations where God doesn't want me to understand. And as Patrick just told me "I think you're judging more than loving" which makes sense. 

Speaking of Patrick, ya, we are talking. And it's going okay. We've had two deepish talks and now we're just talking a little bit about random things. I'm attempting to not go to him for everything which has been a little hard but it's been working. 

Do I want him back? No. I really don't. I can't handle it and that's not a place I want to be. But I miss the physical and that is what my blog a couple of weeks ago is about. I won't get into that right now but, ya, we're working on being friends, which is really good. 

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