Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When God says something 3 times, it's time to listen up.

So, I've kind of been wanting to be apart of Silver Ring Thing on and off for about a year. They rejected me last year which is fine, they had enough girls. And I kind of ignored it until maybe 3 months ago when I emailed someone asking about my application; I didn't get any sort of response.

Today, I decided to call and ask again about my application. I talked to someone, Missy, and she said she would look at my application again and give me a call back.

After waiting 20 mins, I didn't get a call back but instead an email saying that I don't have enough experience in speaking, acting, multi-media, and organizational skills.

I do not understand how they know about my organizational skills. 

Basically, I'm a little upset that she couldn't call me back and that we couldn't talk. That's just something that really irritates me: Being told someone will call but doesn't. Like, I don't know, the best analogy I can think of is being told by a boyfriend they are going to call you but then they break up with you over email. That's kind of feel just with a lot more disrespect. If you're going to reject me, let's at least talk about it. I think that's just how I am. I don't like rejection, it's a big thing in my life because of a lot of things and I think it has to do with me not thinking it's actually happening, if that makes any sense.

On the other hand, God has now said 3 times He doesn't feel me doing SRT is in the works for me. And we all know that when God says something three times, He really means it. Part of me thinks that it may be because I know I wouldn't be the best person for other teens to look up to and I don't really have a "success" story anymore; I did, but I'm in the middle of a success story.

God has a plan for me. I just know it. I'm so confident in that. And you know, if that is what gets me through this summer, then that's going to be awesome.

^Not sure why I wrote that, but I did.

Love will always prevail,

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